After your initial “no risk” conference with us, we will quote a fee based on the complexity of the legal services requested.  It may be a fixed fee, an hourly fee, or a combination.   This quote will also include a fee for the "no risk" initial consultation.  HOWEVER, THIS INITIAL CONFERENCE IS FREE IF YOU DO NOT HIRE US.  Please view our “Getting Started” web page for more details on the "no risk" initial conference and how to hire us. 

Following are our hourly rates and some of our fixed fees.* 

Fixed Fees

Formation of corporation  


Formation of limited liability company  


Formation of limited partnership***  


Hourly Rates

Joe Rubin


*Rates are always subject to change.  Actual fees may vary based on the nature or complexity of your situation. 

**Excluding state registration fees 

***Includes individual as general partner


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